Water & Wastewater Infrastructure and Treatment Systems

Richardson Electrical Company has provided superior installation, upgrade, and maintenance services to the Water and Wastewater industry for over 60 years. Working with a wide variety of general contractors, engineers, and customers, we have both created facilities from the ground up and upgraded existing facilities to keep pace with the ever-changing governmental and environmental considerations unique to this industry. Our team continually upgrades their skills to keep up with modernization of equipment and processes, which provide clean water to millions of Americans and dispose of both waste and storm water in an environmentally conscious manner.

Why work with us?

Our vast experience with water and wastewater design and installation extends throughout New England.

Our team is experienced and educated with industry specific codes and requirements; including hazardous classification installation techniques.

Our wide-reaching relationships with other supportive trades keep our client’s system operational.

We have a long-standing history of success with the complexity involved in water and wastewater treatment facilities.

Our 24/7service department provides full maintenance and support to keep systems running.


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