Renewable Energy

Richardson Electrical Company provides reliable and efficient solar, wind, cogeneration, and other renewable energy systems for any customer. With the promise of quality, we offer engineering, construction, and maintenance/upkeep services. In existing or new facilities we can also reduce energy consumption through lighting and process controls and upgrades, power factor correction, and variable frequency drive installations. From large businesses to small, we support projects from inception through permitting, grant writing, utility rebate programs, and any federal/state energy tax incentive proposals.

Why work with us?

Our team evaluates sites and projects thoroughly to maximize customer’s ROI.

We tailor system controls to the unique needs of each facility.

We maximize energy savings through equipment efficiency and effectiveness.

Our team measures and evaluates existing electrical infrastructure and energy consumption to improve efficiencies.

We create plans to implement energy improvements that will fit schedules and budgets.

Our years of experience with Federal and State energy and efficiency programs maximize customer’s benefits and ROI.


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